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FTT Staking | Can Banks Even Compete With This APY?

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FTT Staking Basics

FTT is FTX’s exchange token. FTT staking gets you FTX trading fee discounts, higher commissions, and more below!

This article will cover how to stake FTT on , the benefits of staking FTT, and some other important aspects of FTT so you can (hopefully) become an FTT staking pro!

Main Benefits Of Staking FTT
– Increased referral rates
– Fee rebates
– Free NFT swag
– Bonus votes
– Increased airdrop rewards
– Free Daily ERC20/ETH Withdrawals
– IEO tickets

The table below will better illustrate the above FTT staking benefits.

Use FTX referral code “HowToReferral to get an additional 5% on fees. With the referral code, staking, and holding FTT you can then get 100% off maker fees and 65% off taker fees!

FTT Staking Tier System
Tier FTT Staked Referral Rate Maker Fee Rebate Bonus Votes Relative Airdrop Increase Free Daily ERC20/ETH Withdrawals IEO tickets
0 0 25.00% None 0 0.00% 0 0
1 25 28.00% 0.00% 1 2.00% 1 0
2 150 30.00% 0.0005% 2 4.00% 3 1
3 1,000 32.00% 0.0010% 6 6.00% 10 2
4 10,000 34.00% 0.0015% 10 8.00% 30 3
5 50,000 36.00% 0.0020% 10 10.00% 100 4
7 250,000 38.00% 0.0025% 30 12.00% 300 5
8 1,000,000 40.00% 0.0030% 50 14.00% 1000 6

How to Stake FTT

Next, we will walk you through how to stake FTT skip right to step 3 if you already have FTT.

  1. Sign Up for FTX if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to FTX markets, pick an FTT pair, and purchase FTT.
  3. Go to the FTX page and click “FTT” at the top of the page.
  4. Scroll down to “FTT staking” and click “stake”.
  5. Select the amount you want to stake and click “stake”.

After you stake, your FTT will be locked in for at least 14 days since it takes 14 days to unstake FTT. If you have any questions about FTT staking on FTX, let us know in the comments, happy earning!

You Must KYC to Stake FTT
All users must pass at least KYC 1 to own and stake FTT, and only users who passed KYC 2 will be eligible for SRM rewards.
How To Referral (H2R)
How To Referral (H2R)

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