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NO Trading Fees + Lifetime Discount | FTX Referral Code

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FTX Referral Code

FTX filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11, 2022. Then, on December 13th, FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried was Indicted for Fraud, Money Laundering, and Campaign Finance Offenses.

These days FTX branded exchanges are shut down and unusable, and you’ll instead want to use Binance with their or another exchange (see: ).

Given all this, the article below will no longer tell you how to save money at FTX. Instead, all information below will serve as historical information only.

? FTX Referral Code HowToReferral
? FTX Commission Up to 40%
? FTX Savings Up to 100% with FTT
? Last Verified June 4, 2024

Historic Information

IMPORTANT: FTX won’t likely ever come back. However, if it does, we will update this page to reflect that. For now, all the content below is historical information.

What is the best FTX referral code?
The best FTX referral code is the one that offers 5% off. The rest of the savings require holding and staking FTT or trading volume. The maximum savings are only available if you sign up using a referral link that can offer the full discount like ours.
Table of contents

Program Overview

How To Sign Up & Obtain Your FTX Referral Code

We will now walk you through how to sign up for FTX with our referral code and generate your own code. The images provided below will help to illustrate each step.

Time needed: 5 mins
ID required: Most government issued IDs should be sufficient

Click on the FTX referral code link to have the discount automatically applied 2021

  1. Getting Started

Use our FTX referral code to save on trading fees for life. You can use the buttons or links on our page shown in the image above, or you can copy and paste code “HowToReferral” on the FTX signup screen. Both methods will lock in your FTX trading fee discount for life.

User can now see the FTX trading discount is applied 2021

  1. Verify The Discount

After you apply the referral code or click our referral link, you’ll see the discount applied. The discount should show 5%, as that is the maximum discount a referral code alone can apply. The other savings will come from holding and staking the FTT token.

Navigate to the referral dashboard from the FTX homepage

  1. Locating Your Referral Dashboard

Once logged in, you will need to locate your “Account” button on the top right of the website. After clicking that, select “Referrals” from the drop-down menu to find your own referral code.

Copy to clipboard your FTX referral code or create a c ustom code 2021

  1. Obtaining Your Own Referral Code

You can either copy your FTX referral code from the referrals page or create a custom code. As you can see, we have created our own custom code HowToReferral. This helps our userbase know they are using our website’s code when they want to show us support. That’s it. Enjoy sharing your own referral code with your friends and family!

FTT Requirement
Don’t forget. You’ll need FTT to get the full savings and/or commission from FTX’s referral program.

How the FTX Referral Program Works

When someone signs up with your FTX referral code, you get between 25%-40% of their fees in commission, and they get 5% of their fees back for life with a chance to save up to 100% on fees.

As the referrer, you start at 25%, and then the commission you earn increases up to 40% based on how much FTT (FTX’s token) you stake (see Commission Structure and Staking Rules later in the article).

As an invitee, you will be starting at 5% savings when you sign up using our FTX referral link. Then, if you stake FTT on FTX, you can get up to 100% additional savings on maker fees when you stake 25 or more FTT. Meanwhile, you can save an additional 60% on taker fees by simply holding FTT. You can also get maker fee rebates as low as -0.0030% when you stake and bring your base taker fees as low as 0.04% with volume-based discounts (alternatively, you can save up to 100% on maker fees with the volume-based discount alone if you don’t want to stake). These discounts all stack (aside from maker fee rebates that override maker fee savings), so feel free to take advantage of all of them.

In conclusion, the referral system is set up to benefit both the referrer and the invitee regardless of how much FTT they own. However, staking FTT is required to get the referral program’s full benefit, and holding FTT and trading volume will help maximize your savings.

Since that was all a lot to take in, here is a list to help clarify the core aspects:

Referrer Benefits
– Anyone who uses your code during signup will provide you with at minimum 25% of their trading fees for life.
– Increase your commission kickback amount by staking FTT.
Invitee Benefits
– Using our referral code will guarantee you a discount of 5% off your trading fees for life.
– Staking FTT will allow you to obtain up to 100% on maker fees or even a maker fee rebate.
– You can lower your taker fees as low as 0.04% by trading enough volume.
– Holding FTT will get you up to an additional 60% on taker fees.
– All discounts mentioned except for the maker fee rebates stack
What is FTT?
FTT (FTX Token) is FTX’s cryptocurrency token. Holding and staking FTT qualifies you for discounts, rebates, and other benefits like airdrops. So in terms of savings, FTT is vital for getting the most out of FTX. That said, FTT also has some cool tokenomics to consider from an investment standpoint as well. For example, FTX has a buy & burn program where FTT is burned weekly based on fees generated by FTX, and additions to the FTX insurance fund.

FTX Commission Structure and Staking Rules (2022)

Both FTX’s commission structure and trading fee discount are based on the amount of FTT you hold and stake. The base commission is 25%, then you gain up to 40% for staking FTT. Meanwhile, you only have to stake 25 FTT to get a 100% discount on maker fees and can actually get a rebate if you stake more. First, let’s cover how to stake, then we will go over the benefits in more detail.

How to Stake FTT

To stake FTT, simply log into your account, go to the FTT page at the top of the screen, and then scroll down to FTT staking and click Stake. Obviously, you’ll need to buy FTT first, so if you don’t already have some, make sure you do that first.

FTT Staking Benefits

Staking FTT gives the following benefits:

  • Increased referral rates
  • Fee rebates
  • Free NFT swag
  • Bonus votes
  • Increased airdrop rewards
  • Free Daily ERC20/ETH Withdrawals
  • IEO tickets

Check out the FTX Commission Structure and Staking table (updated Aug 2022) below for a quick and easy way to see commissions and potential discounts at a glance.

Tier FTT Staked Referral Rate Maker Fee Rebate Bonus Votes Relative Airdrop Increase Free Daily ERC20/ETH Withdrawals
0 0 25.00% None 0 0.00% 0
1 25 28.00% 0.0000% 1 2.00% 1
2 150 30.00% 0.0005% 2 4.00% 3
3 1,000 32.00% 0.0010% 6 6.00% 10
4 10,000 34.00% 0.0015% 10 8.00% 30
5 50,000 36.00% 0.0020% 10 10.00% 100
6 250,000 38.00% 0.0025% 30 12.00% 300
7 1,000,000 40.00% 0.0030% 50 14.00% 1,000


Tier FTT Staked IEO Tickets
0 0 0
1 150 1
2 290 2
3 420 3
4 540 4
5 650 5
6 750 6

For more information on the specifics of FTT and its requirements see FTT commission and rebate details.

FTX Discount and Fee Rebate Structure Based on FTT Holding

If you want to save money on fees, the 5% referral bonus helps, but the biggest savings come from holding FTT. You can save up to an additional 60% on fees from holding FTT alone, which brings your total possible savings to 100% maker and 65% taker with staking and the referral code.

Keep in mind that holding FTT is not the same as staking FTT. Although you get a fee discount for holding FTT, staking is how you get the full 100% maker fee discount or how you qualify for rebates. In other words, if you stake, you’ll get the max discount. So make sure to stake FTT to get the most out of FTX.

Check out the FTX Fee Rebate Structure table (updated Aug 2022) below to see rebates and potential discounts at a glance.

FTT Holding (USD) Discount on FTX Trading Fees Discount on FTX OTC Other Privilege
$100.00 3.00% 0.0000% N/A
$1,000.00 5.00% 0.0000% N/A
$5,000.00 10.00% 0.0025% N/A
$10,000.00 15.00% 0.0050% N/A
$50,000.00 20.00% 0.0050% N/A
$100,000.00 25.00% 0.0075% N/A
$200,000.00 30.00% 0.0100% N/A
$500,000.00 35.00% 0.0125% N/A
$1,000,000.00 40.00% 0.0200% Become Tier 4
$2,000,000.00 45.00% 0.0200% Become VIP3
$3,000,000.00 50.00% 0.0200% Become VIP4
$4,000,000.00 55.00% 0.0200% Become VIP5
$5,000,000.00 60.00% 0.0200% Become a VIP6
FTX VIP & Market Making Program
Although this won’t apply to the average person, whales and market makers can enjoy extra discounts via the FTX’s VIP Program and Market Making Program. So if you trade in serious size, make sure to check out these options, as you’ll get the biggest discounts possible on FTX.

FTX Referral Program Rules and Regulations

You must KYC qualify for full rewards and be at least KYC 1 to own or stake FTT. FTX users cannot refer themselves. Also, FTX has the right to discontinue a particular account’s referral fees for violating policies. Lastly, FTX reserves the right to the final interpretation of the referral program, as well as the right to modify it at any point.

Those are the main rules and should suffice for the average user. However, for more details, see a full breakdown of FTX’s referral program rules.

FTX Referral Program Review

While the average person won’t have the capital needed to get the most out of FTX’s referral program, it is still one of the most generous programs out there. Despite the drawbacks of high requirements for maximum savings and earnings, what FTX gets right, it gets very right. We absolutely love the $0 maker fees (25 FTT is an attainable goal for many) and the ability to earn and save for life with the code is top-notch. Especially on such a liquid exchange, the generosity of the referral program really stands out.

Overall, FTX gets high marks for almost everything (even if it falls a bit short of competitors like Binance in terms of fees). However, it can’t get a perfect score due to the complexity of staking, volume, and holding requirements and the fact that achieving the best rewards is unrealistic for the average user.

Pros Cons
  • An up-and-coming platform that is always eager to offer new trading contracts and quickly adapts to its userbase’s needs.
  • Low taker fees and no fees for limit orders.
  • A large array of order types and minimal slippage.
  • Very high FTT thresholds for full commission and discounts.
  • Higher fees than Binance for many similar contracts.
  • No US citizens allowed on the platform.
Program Rating

Platform Documentation

Platform Doc.

About FTX

FTX was a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform founded by Alameda Research that launched in 2019.

Since its launch, FTX has quickly become a favorite of traders due to its wide range of derivative products and trading pairs. With over 60 futures contracts at the time of writing this, and with leveraged tokens and unique contracts like the MOVE contract, which lets you bet on BTC volatility, FTX may be the best in the business when it comes to variety.

Beyond just the quality of their exchange, they have also gained additional notoriety by branching out with products like and Blockfolio and have been the center of newsworthy events like FTX getting the naming rights to Miami Heat’s stadium. All of this together makes FTX one of the hottest crypto brands around.

FTX Liquidity

Despite not being one of the highest volume exchanges in terms of spot trading, FTX has high volume compared to other derivatives exchanges and is one of the more liquid crypto derivatives exchanges out there when it comes to crypto futures trading.

All crypto exchanges suffer from a lack of liquidity on certain pairs and contracts, but FTX’s top contracts are right up there with the other top exchanges like BitMEX and Binance. With that noted, there is no need to take our word for it. You can always check how FTX compares to the competition for yourself. In fact, according to CoinGecko, FTX has rated the number #2 rated derivatives platform right behind Binance at the time of writing this.

FTX Fees and Volume-Based Discount

FTX has competitive trading fees. However, they are hardly the cheapest around when it comes to base-level fees, especially compared to the base rates of other competitors like BitMEX and Binance. With that said, by holding and staking FTT, using our FTX referral code, and trading volume, you can bring fees down to very competitive rates. We covered the savings from the referral code and FTT previously, but the volume-based discount can be just as impactful.

Below is the table showcasing its volume-based fee structure as of August 2022.

Tier 30 Day Volume (USD) Maker Fee Taker Fee
1 0 0.02% 0.07%
2 >2m 0.015% 0.06%
3 >5m 0.010% 0.055%
4 >10m 0.005% 0.05%
5 >25m 0.00% 0.045%
6 >50m 0.00% 0.04%
We Keep our Fee Tables Up-to-Date
We do our best to keep our fee tables up-to-date. You can always verify the current FTX fee structure offered though.

FTX Order Types

FTX offers a wide variety of order types, including:

  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Conditional Order
  • Post Only Order
  • Reduce Only Order
  • One Cancels the Other Order (OCO)
  • Stop-Limit Order
  • Stop-Market Order
  • Take Profit Limit Order
  • Take Profit Market Order
  • Trailing Stop / Trailing Take Profit

They also offer contract-specific settings like the ability to increase margin.

FTX Contract and Product Selection

FTX offers derivatives trading and spot trading. Their coin selection includes all the top coins like BTC and ETH, and they let you trade stock-based contracts like Apple and Tesla. In fact, you can even trade cryptocurrency competitor on FTX!

Even though their coin selection is robust for a derivatives platform, what really makes them stand out is their variety of markets such as their leveraged tokens, stock offerings, options, fiat, and prediction markets.

FTX’s markets include:

  • Futures
  • Spot
  • Stocks
  • Leveraged Tokens (giving you the ability to effectively use leverage)
  • Volailtity
  • Special
  • Fiat
  • Options
  • Predictions
  • Fiat
  • OTC

As you can see, the result is a wide array of contract and token types as well as an OTC option for larger trades. With that in mind, they have a wide array of trading pair options despite their limited selection of contract types.

FTX Security & Integrity

While FTX has never had a hack of the exchange in its history, Blockfolio was hacked in Feb 2021 shortly after the FTX acquisition of the platform. With that in mind, the hack did not impact trading. Instead, the hack just impacted the way prices were displaying and the coins that were showing.

With that covered, exchange security isn’t just about whether or not the exchange itself is hacked. It is largely about ensuring your own account is protected. In that sense, it is vital to familiarize yourself with FTX’s security features. Two features that every trader should employ, aside from obvious things like strong passwords, are 2FA and IP whitelisting. These two additional layers will make it that much harder for anyone aside from you to access your account.

Lastly, when it comes to protecting your funds, you’ll be glad to know that FTX’s insurance fund is there to help ensure that if anything does ever go wrong, for example, if liquidations happen in a way that is not expected, an insurance fund can cover user funds. With that said, and perhaps as a final vote of confidence, FTX has never had to use its insurance fund as of writing this article.

FTX Funding Options

There are a number of options for depositing and withdrawing funds from FTX. Not only do they have a cryptocurrency option like most exchanges, but they also accept fiat and credit card deposits. For fiat, you use a wire deposit to deposit funds to FTX. Meanwhile, you can withdraw fiat the same way, but be aware there is a $75 fee for withdrawals under $10,000 in value.

Please be aware that you must KYC up to level 2 with FTX in order to transact in fiat!

FTX Funding Options

While FTX supports many countries, they do have some notable location restrictions, including the US.

Specifically, FTX does not support corporate accounts to residents of the United States of America, Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or Antigua or Barbuda, and does not provide personal accounts to residents of the United States of America, Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or Antigua and Barbuda.

FTX may also restrict some of its products to residents of certain countries. For example, the Trump 2020 contract was restricted even in Canada despite Canadians being able to use FTX in general.

FTX Summary

FTX’s referral program checks all the important boxes. Both the referrer and the invitee benefit, the discount and earnings apply for life, and the discount and earnings can make a meaningful difference. FTX is an exchange you’ll probably use anyways, so it is a good deal. We don’t love that high amounts of FTT are required for the full benefit, but even a partial benefit makes a difference. Thus we highly recommend the FTX referral program.

Common Questions and FAQs

FTX is one of the top exchanges. In their short history so far, they have never had an issue with losing trust, and there have been no notable hacks. Also, notably, FTX has never had to use its insurance fund. Of course, liquidation and volatility are always a risk with leveraged products, and best practices for account security are a must for any crypto account.

VIP Members don’t generate commission for you. People who hold a lot of FTT can still save big, but if they sign up using your link they won’t generate any income for you.

FTX referrals are calculated at the end of each day and paid the next day at 00:05 UTC.

To apply the FTX trading fee discount you must sign up using a referral code. You cannot apply the referral discount after you have already signed up.

When you click the referral link or input the code you’ll see the discount displayed on the signup page.

You can’t lose your discount regardless of what the person who referred you does and you won’t lose your discount as long as you are able to maintain an FTX account. However, FTX can change the terms of the program at any time.

There is no limit to how many people a single account can sign up.

The payout is based on trades done by those who sign up using your link. Remember though, FTX VIP members are not counted.

The FTX referral code discount lasts forever. Once you sign up with a discount code, you’ll save at least 5% for life.

You can increase your referral commission by staking FTT. Just holding FTT isn’t enough to increase your commission rate.

FTT is the exchange token of FTX.

You can buy FTT on FTX either via the OTC portal or directly from the FTX’s FTT market.

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