Who We Are

At How To Referral, we bring over a decade of experience in web publishing to the table. Our team is passionate about making complicated topics like cryptocurrency, discount programs, and promotions easy to understand for readers around the world. We have reached tens of millions with our work, and we’re excited to grow that number even more with your help.
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Quality Comes First

Our mission is to provide quality content and unbeatable discounts for our users. To ensure that happens, our team puts a lot of time and effort into researching referral programs thoroughly. We look at all the details before writing reviews, making sure every program we cover offers the best savings available. When you see our brand, it means you’ve found content you can trust.

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Experienced Opinions

We don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time; therefore, we focus on covering niche topics that we have ample experience with. For example, when reviewing a cryptocurrency referral program like Binance, you get opinions based on real-world experience from professionals who have been trading crypto for over five years now. In cases where our team doesn’t have enough expertise in a particular sector, we make sure to research reputable sources thoroughly so that readers get accurate information.

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Discussion & Feedback

We love hearing feedback from users just as much as providing them with helpful content! Every day, we answer questions about referral programs and platforms in the comments section of our website. Many of our readers have found answers they were looking for just by asking us directly - so don't hesitate to connect with us! And lastly – let us know what YOU think about referral programs - your opinion matters!

Our Objective

At How To Referral, our mission is to bring the best of referral and affiliate programs to you. With well-researched reviews, up-to-date information, and maximum discount amounts, we strive to be your go-to source for all things referrals and affiliates.

We know that there are many websites out there offering referral codes, but often they don't work or the content is lacking. That's why we focus on quality over quantity – providing only the best referral and affiliate info available. Our reviews are comprehensive, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a program that works for you.

We want each of our users to have the best experience possible when it comes to learning about referral and affiliate programs. By doing this, we hope to make the online world a better place by helping people find what they need more easily! Thank you for visiting us; we hope you enjoy your stay!