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MEXC Referral Code - 10% Off (2024)

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Get 10% off trading fees with our MEXC referral code https://www.mexc.com/register?inviteCode=16D8Y. You’ll also get up to $1,000 MEXC sign-up bonus. You can then earn up to 80% commission at MEXC when you share your own referral code.

Anyone who uses the code gets the discount, but for commissions, it works like this. You earn at least 30% commissions for life on each trade an invitee makes, but you can increase your earnings to 50% by holding MX and boost them all the way up to 80% by joining a MEXC community node.

Details can be found below, but first, sign up using our MEXC referral code to get started today.

? MEXC Referral Code Link https://www.mexc.com/register?inviteCode=16D8Y
? MEXC Referral Commission 30% – 80%
? MEXC Referral Savings 10% + $1,000 sign up bonus
? Last Verified May 14, 2024

MEXC Referral Code

Join MEXC using referral code 16D8Y and get 10% off trading fees. Then join the MEXC Affiliate program to earn up to 80% in commission!

The best MEXC referral code is whatever is currently being offered through the MEXC affiliate program. This typically includes a discount on trading fees and a cash sign up bonus. With that said, new users can sometimes earn more sign-up bonuses, including a “futures bonus” when they open a futures account.

MXC Rebranded to MEXC
Looking for an MXC referral code? MXC is now MEXC. So, you’ll use the MEXC referral code if you want to sign up for MXC. On June 8 2021 the MXC Exchange officially rebranded to MEXC Global (abbreviated as “MEXC”) as part of its global strategy.
Table of contents

Program Overview

How to Sign Up For the MEXC Referral Program

The following section will show you how to sign up for the MEXC Referral Program, save 10%, and earn up to 80% commission by creating your own MEXC code to share.

Time Needed: 5 minutes
Information Required for Signing Up: Phone number or email address.

  1. Create a MEXC Exchange Account.

Go to MEXC.com and register by mail or phone.

  1. Find Your Referral Code.

Click the “person” icon on the top left corner of your screen once logged in and then click on “Referral Commission”.

  1. Share your MEXC Referral Link.

You can then share your referral link or a referral poster that features a QR code someone can scan to use to log in.

How the MEXC Referral Program Works

Create an MEXC account, share your referral link, and they save 10% on trading fees and you’ll earn at least 30% commission on trades for life when someone signs up with your code. Then, as noted above, you can increase your commission by holding MX and joining a community supernode.

As for the invitee, unfortunately, MEXC only offers a 10% trading fee discount and there is no way to increase this discount. Otherwise, trades have a flat rate of 0.20% per trade regardless of what code you use or your MX holdings. With that said, if you are looking for more ways to save, MEXC does offer other deals on their site at times, for example, the 30,000 USDT Discount for leveraged ETF trading event that took place from March 1 – 5.

MEXC Referral Code Discount

Invitees who use our MEXC code get 10% trading fee off in Spot, ETF, Contract trading as shown in the table below. Invitees get this discount regardless of how much MX the invite holds. The structure of the MEXC referral program (“Referral Rebate Two-Way Incentive” Policy” can be seen in the table below.

Trading MX Held Rebate rate for Inviters Trading Fee Discount For Invitees
Spot and ETF 0 – 10,000 MX 30% Off 10% Off
Spot and ETF 10,000 – 10,000 MX 40% Off 10% Off
Spot and ETF >10,000 MX 50% Off 10% Off
Contract 0 – 10,000 MX 60% Off 10% Off
Contract 10,000 – 10,000 MX 70% Off 10% Off
Contract >10,000 MX 80% Off 10% Off

MEXC Referral Commission Structure

For commission up to 50%: MEXC referral commission is based on the amount of MX Token (MX) you hold in your account.

For commission up to 80%: You must join an MEXC community supernode pool (find more details on MEXC community nodes in the FAQs below or contact MEXC sales after you sign up for details).

The MEXC referral commission structure table below will help to illustrate the aforementioned rules.

MX Token position (0<x≤ 10,000): 30% commission rate
MX Token position (10,000<x≤ 100,000): 40% commission rate
MX Token position (x≥ 100,000): 50% commission rate
MEXC community node: 50%~80% commission rate

MEXC Program Rules and Requirements

First off, all the basics apply to the MEXC referral program, for example, final discretion on payments will be up to MEXC, and MEXC can change its program’s rules at any time. If you ever have questions about the program, you can always contact MEXC support as well. Otherwise, the following are some important rules to keep in mind:

  • You get paid in the token the invitee transacts in. So if your invitee trades ETH, you get ETH as commission.
  • Only trading fees are including in commission. Deposit and withdrawal fees, leverage interest, etc. are not included in referral commission.
  • All referral commission is paid the next day after the transaction occurs.

MEXC Referral Program Review

MEXC’s referral program offers unprecedented earning potential with a max commission of 80%! Unfortunately, that on-paper 80% is one of the only things to be really excited about here.

The first major drawback of note is the fact that they offer only 10% off to the user We would happily split more of our commissions with the user to give them the incentive to click our link, and the fact we can’t is a notable drawback for us (although saving 10% off fees for life is a nice bonus).

On top of this, MEXC is not a top exchange, and so aside from variety and a lack of KYC, we don’t have a ton of reasons to suggest this exchange. Furthermore, while the payouts are great in theory, the devil is in the details, as getting the full payout requires one to not only hold a good amount of MX, but to actually buy mining equipment and buy a supernode as well. Lastly, their fees are not very competitive, so you won’t be getting a great deal on the trades you do make.

For all of these reasons, we are giving MEXC’s referral program a 3-out-of-5 star rating. It is an exchange we have and would use, and the commission potential is amazing, so points for that, but ultimately this one falls short on some important metrics that we simply can’t overlook.

Pros Cons
  • Insanely high commission potential.
  • Large selection of alts.
  • No KYC for small accounts.
  • No rewards for invitees.
  • Not a well known platform.
  • Full payout requires running an MX masternode.
Program Rating

Platform Documentation

Platform Doc.

About MEXC

MEXC (previously MXC) is a crypto exchange founded in 2018. MEXC is run by the MSC foundation which is also a “wireless communication company” with its own token and blockchain that acts as a “global data network.” Interested users can buy an MXC mining hardware node from MXC to earn MXC’s token MX, help maintain the network, and increase MEXC exchange commissions. On the exchange side specifically, while it doesn’t have the liquidity we typically look for in an exchange, it does have a wide selection of products and substantial trade volume.

MEXC Liquidity

MEXC does not have the liquidity of most other exchanges we review. We are promoting this one for the selection and ease of access, not the liquidity. This is all subject to change, but as of writing this article in June 2021, you won’t be placing any large market orders on MEXC for most pairs you trade. This isn’t to say they don’t have respectable volume. It is mostly to say the on-book liquidity isn’t likely to be there for the coins you go there to trade despite the volume.


MEXC fees are very straightforward. Fees are 0.2% across the board for all products. This does not make them competitive in terms of fees, but on the plus side, it does keep things simple. Plus the fact that you can get 10% off fees with the referral code does put MEXC more in the middle of the pack when it comes to fees.

MEXC Order Types

MEXC offers the following order types:

  • Limit order
  • Market order
  • Stop-limit order
  • Stop-market order
  • Post Only
  • Fill immediately or cancel

Check out the link below for more information on order types for margin contracts and other products.

MEXC Coin and Product Selection

MEXC has a wide array of altcoins and different products. Their coin selection is massive and it includes coins you won’t find anywhere else. For us, this is the main selling point of MEXC. That aside, you also get margin trading, ETFs, derivatives, MX DeFi staking and farming, and staking pools. So you really have a ton of options. The best way to view these options is directly on the site, so feel free to check it out for yourself!

MEXC Summary

We love the selection MEXC, and we think the exchange has potential. We also can’t deny the earning potential is really exciting. However, a lack of incentive to the user compared to the referrer, high-ish fees, and a name brand that hasn’t yet shown it can live up to the top dogs leaves us a little underwhelmed. We want to see MEXC do well, and we hope that we can bump their rating up over the years. For now, we can’t fully recommend this one as your primary exchange, but we have and would use it ourselves for casual trading of hard-to-find coins.

Common Questions and FAQs

MX’s blockchain can be mined using mining equipment sold by the MXC foundation. When you mine MX, you can set up a supernode or join a community supernode. MXC Supernodes then provide LPWAN network services to devices around the world. If you mine with a supernode, you can qualify for increased commission. If you are interested in this, you should contact MXC’s sales team after creating an account. Learn more about MX Supernodes (you can use that link to join a MX community supernode pool as well).

MX is MXC’s token. This is both the MEXC exchange token and the token for the MXC blockchain. You’ll need to maintain a minimum MX balance of 10,001 to begin boosting your referral rate.

Referral commission = actual trading volume * trading fee * referral rate.

There is nothing to offer invitees other than the 10% discount and the chance to earn their own commission of up to 80%.

Leveraged tokens are ERC20 tokens that mimic leveraged positions. MEXC like other exchanges offers leveraged tokens such as ETHBULL, a token meant to mimic the price of 3x leverage on ETH.

You can do KYC by clicking the person icon a the top of the screen.

You can use a resurrection card if you get liquidated. The card will grant you an airdrop for 1/3rd of the initial margin amount up to the face value of the card.

Contact the staff if you get liquidated on MEXC to find out if you got a resurrection card. They are given to users at random, you are not promised one.

You can do yield farming on MEXC. Basically, you do a loan in a margin pool and you will collect the yields from that. It is similar to DeFi yield farming, but MEXC puts its own spin on it.

You can buy MXC mining equipment right from the MXC foundation website. You may want to do this if you plan to run a supernode or join a community supernode for example.

You’ll see discounts on the home page of the exchange from time to time. Simply click a link to see the current discount. Usually they are promotional and last only a few days.

Yes, MEXC has compliance licenses in 5 countries. These countries include Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

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