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Gate.io Referral Code | 30% Off (2024)

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Sign up with Gate.io referral code A1kVXV5b and save 30% on trading fees for life! Plus get a $100 welcome bonus.

? Gate.io Referral Code A1kVXV5b
? Gate.io Commission Up to 40%
? Gate.io Referral Code Savings Up to 30%
? Last Verified April 9, 2024

Gate.io Referral Code

Use Gate.io referral code A1kVXV5b and save 30% on trading fees for life.

You’ll also be able to complete tasks for up to $100 in welcome bonuses.

You can also create your own referral code to earn up to 40% commission.

Why Are Our Gate.io Discounts Higher Than Other Sites?
You can choose to share between 0% and 30% of the trading fees with the invitee via your Gate.io referral code as a referrer. We have decided to share the complete 30% with you; most other sites keep 30% for themselves and only offer 10% off. At HowToReferral.com, we always try to provide the best discount possible to our users. Don’t forget to bookmark our page and share it with friends if you know they are planning to sign up as well.
Table of contents

Program Overview

How to Sign up for Gate.io

Below we will teach you how to sign up for Gate.io with a discount, and how to get your own referral code.

Time needed: 15 Minutes for initial sign-up
ID required: Any basic Government-issued ID card, such as a Drivers License

  1. Sign up for Gate.io using the Referral Code

Go to the sign up page https://www.gate.io/signup/A1kVXV5b, and follow the onscreen prompts to fill out your basic information.

  1. Choose the Amount You Want to Share

Go to ‘My Referrals’ and select the amount you want to share and earn from the dropdown.

  1. Share Your Code

Share your code to split commission with your friends.

How Gate.io’s Referral Program Works

Share your Gate.io referral code with a friend, and they will get up to 30% off trading fees, plus you’ll earn up to 30% commission. Of course, the exact amount they save and you make depends on the kickback level you choose.

Invitee Guidelines
– When you use our invite code you save 30% on fees for life. You may save less if you use another site’s code, so pay close attention to the code before you use it. Codes can offer 0%, 10%, 20%, or 30% off.
Referrer Guidelines
– When you share your code, you’ll earn up to 40% of your invitee’s trading fees for life. You can choose to earn 10%, 20%, 30%, or 40%. In other words, you can keep all the commission for yourself, or you can split the commission kickback any way you choose. It is your choice.
Changing the Default Language
Gate.io serves the US, Canada, and many other countries. You may need to change the default language when you sign up for Gate.io. Click the language icon in the top right of the screen to switch to your native language.

Gate.io Commission Structure

Gate.io’s commission structure is simple. You can choose to share 0%, 10%, 20%, or 30% of the invitee’s trading fee kickbacks with your invitee, and you will earn 40%, 30%, 20%, or 10%, respectively. Check out the table below for details.

Referrer Earns Invitee Saves
40% 0%
30% 10%
20% 20%
10% 30%

Gate.io Referral Program Rules

Gate.io doesn’t have many rules to consider, but like any referral program, it is up to Gate.io how it interprets the program, and the program is subject to change over time. That said, here are the basic rules:

  • There is no cap on how many accounts you can refer.
  • You cannot share the same IP as your invitee.
  • If you cheat (for example making bulk registrations), you will be disqualified.

Gate.io Referral Program Review

We absolutely love Gate.io’s referral program. It is like but better in almost every way. It is simple, generous, and you don’t need to jump through hoops like holding or staking a token. The only reason this one isn’t a solid five stars is that Binance (a major competitor) does allow you to save/earn more with an affiliate program, and by holding BNB (we don’t love having to hold BNB, but we do like the option), and Gate.io doesn’t have the volume that Binance does. Otherwise, this is for sure toward the top of our list of top choices for crypto referral programs. Don’t pass it up.

Pros Cons
  • Very generous rewards.
  • Simple to understand.
  • No need to hold or stake a token.
  • No additonal ways to earn.
  • Gate.io isn’t as well known or used as much as Binance.
Program Rating

Platform Documentation

Platform Doc.

About Gate.io

Gate.io has its roots as an early Chinese Bitcoin exchange. Over the years it has grown itself into a global crypto exchange with volume that put it in the top 10 as of 2021.

Gate.io Liquidity

Gate.io order books are liquid enough to get the job done. As a top 10 exchange, you won’t have trouble filling orders on major token pairs. However, like any crypto exchange, lower volume alts can have thin books.

Gate.io Fees

Gate.io fees start at .2% Maker .15% Taker. You can then lower your fees with a mix of volume-based trading and crypto holding amount thresholds (you have to hold either GT, Gate.io’s token, and/or a minimum balance of other cryptos). The structure is a bit complex, but to give you an idea we will display the Gate.io fee schedule for spot markets below.

Tier Meet trading volume + GT holding requirements
30-day Volume/GT holding
GT holding only
GT holding
Total holdings only
(account value)
Standard fee/GT debit
Standard fee/GT debit
VIP 0 1.5 BTC / 0 GT 0 GT 0 BTC 0.2% / 0.15% 0.2% / 0.15 %
VIP 1 1.5 BTC / 20 GT 100 GT 0.05 BTC 0.185% / 0.139% 0.195% / 0.146 %
VIP 2 3 BTC / 50 GT 300 GT 0.1 BTC 0.175% / 0.131% 0.185% / 0.139 %
VIP 3 6 BTC / 200 GT 1000 GT 0.25 BTC 0.165% / 0.124% 0.175% / 0.131 %
VIP 4 12.5 BTC / 500 GT 2500 GT 0.5 BTC 0.155% / 0.116% 0.165% / 0.124 %
VIP 5 25 BTC / 1000 GT 5000 GT 1 BTC 0.145% / 0.109% 0.155% / 0.116 %
VIP 6 75 BTC / 2000 GT 12000 GT 2.5 BTC 0.135% / 0.101% 0.145% / 0.109 %
VIP 7 200 BTC / 5000 GT 25000 GT 5 BTC 0.125% / 0.094% 0.135% / 0.101 %
VIP 8 500 BTC / 10000 GT 50000 GT 10 BTC 0.115% / 0.086% 0.125% / 0.094 %
VIP 9 1250 BTC / 20000 GT 120000 GT 25 BTC 0.105% / 0.079% 0.115% / 0.086 %
VIP 10 2500 BTC / 40000 GT 250000 GT 50 BTC 0.095% / 0.052% 0.105% / 0.058 %
VIP 11 3000 BTC / 50000 GT 500000 GT 100 BTC 0.085% / 0.015% 0.095% / 0.045 %
VIP 12 6000 BTC / 50000 GT 1000000 GT 200 BTC 0.075% / 0.01% 0.085% / 0.04 %
VIP 13 11000 BTC / 50000 GT 2000000 GT 400 BTC 0.065% / 0.005% 0.075% / 0.035 %
VIP 14 20000 BTC / 50000 GT 4000000 GT 750 BTC 0.055% / 0% 0.065% / 0.03 %
VIP 15 40000 BTC / 50000 GT 1500 BTC 0.055% / -0.005% 0.065% / 0.025 %
VIP 16 75000 BTC / 50000 GT 2500 BTC 0.055% / -0.01% 0.065% / 0.025 %

Gate.io Order Types

Gate.io has the necessary order types, plus the very important OCO (one order cancles the other). Specifically, Gate.io has the following order types:

  • Market
  • Limit
  • Iceberg
  • Hidden
  • Post-only
  • Conditional
  • OCO

Gate.io Coin and Product Selection

Gate.io has a really intensely large assortment of altcoins to choose from alongside all the staples. We can’t even begin to dig in, but do check out the link below to see the full selection!

As for other products, Gate.io has ETFs, synthetics, margin trading, margin lending, and borrowing, and even offers IEOs (coins that launch on-exchange). Also, one really cool thing Gate.io offers is built-in strategies so you can create an automated strategy right on Gate.io using their “strategy bot.”

Copy Trading
Another cool thing about Gate.io is copy trading. If you aren’t confident in your trading, you can try copy trading someone on the leader board by clicking ‘copy trade’.

Gate.io Summary

Gate.io offers a ton of features and has been in business in one form or another since 2013. We really like their generous referral program, product selection, and the ability to do things like run an automated strategy and copy trade. They probably won’t be everyone’s first choice for an exchange, but we have to say the more we dug in and played around here the more we liked it. With that all said, simply put, it isn’t a hard one to recommend even if it isn’t our top recommendation.

Common Questions and FAQs

Gate.io has been in operation since 2013 in one form or another. While Gate.io has never had a hack and has a focus on security, hacks aren’t uncommon in crypto and one of their predecessor exchanges Bter.com did have a hack in 2015.

Yes, there is a KYC at Gate.io for higher deposit accounts, although you can create an account without going through this process.

No, Gate.io does not accept deposits in dollars at this time.

Yes, Gate.io trading is offered in most places in the world including the US (although WA and NY are excluded).

To qualify for additional discounts through the VIP program you have to hold a qualifying amount of GT for a period of 14 days or greater. The VIP system updates every 4 hours.

We already offer the max discount of 30%, so first of make sure to use our code. Beyond this, it is all about moving up ranks in the VIP program, and that means having the qualifying asset amounts and volume over the appropriate period of time.

For every 15 you don’t meet the criteria of your VIP level you lose one level.

You can either choose to share less with your invitee or you can share more referrals. There is no other program to increase Gate.io referral income.

Gate.io allows 3-10X leverage.

GateChain is Gate.io’s own blockchain.

Gate.io is one of the oldest Chinese bitcoin exchanges, founded all the way back in 2013.

Gate.io was testing out short-term crypto options trading in 2020 but is not currently offering it.

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