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Deribit Referral Code - 10% Discount (2024)

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Looking to trade crypto options? Well not only is Deribit the best crypto options trading choice, we also have a code to offer you 10% off options trading at Deribit!

Get 10% off on Deribit trading fees with our Deribit referral code link and earn up to 20% commission.

? Deribit Referral Code Link https://www.deribit.com/?reg=18241.3683
? Deribit Commission 20% for 6 months and then 10%
? Deribit Referral Code Savings 10% off for 6 months
? Last Verified July 9, 2024

Deribit Referral Code

Register on Deribit with our referral link and get a 10% off trading fees for 6 months.

Deribit allows its users to become affiliates by referring new users to our platform. These users can generate income based on trading fees collected by Deribit. An affiliate can earn up to 20% of these fees.

New users signing up through a valid affiliate link will get a 10% discount on trading fees for the first six months. See the official Deribit referral program documentation.

Table of contents

Program Overview

How To Sign Up For Deribit

The next section will walk you through signing up for Deribit with the discount referral code applied, saving you 10% off trading fees.

Time needed: 15
ID required: Government issued ID should suffice

  1. Getting Started

Firstly go to https://www.deribit.com/?reg=18241.3683, clicking the “create an account” button below the “sign up” form, and then follow the onscreen prompts to set up your account.

  1. Hurry Up and Wait

While you are waiting for the verification process to complete we suggest you start considering how and from where you will be funding your newly created account. This verification process can take up to 3 business days to complete.

  1. Completion

Lastly, you are now ready to trade. You can also get your own referral code by going to your “Account” section so you can help your friends save on trading fees as well while you earn some extra crypto from their trades.

How Deribit’s Referral Program Works

Share your Deribit referral link and when someone signs up they get 10% off trading fees for 6 months and you get 20% commission on their trading fees for 6 months. You then get 10% of their trading fees as commission for life.

Deribit Commission Structure

The Deribit Commission structure below illustrates how affiliates can earn 10% of trading fees ongoing and 20% fees for the first 6 months.

Period % of Commissions More info
0-6 months 20% Affiliates receive 20% of the commissions for the first 6 months after sign up.
6+ months 10% Affiliates receive 10% of the commissions past 6 months after sign up.

Deribit Referral Program Rules and Regulations

Deribit’s rules and regulations are fairly boilerplate. The main rules are that they don’t guarantee profits or payouts and reserve the right to change their program at any time. Beyond that, they have a full list of standard rules that you can read here, Deribit Affiliate program rules.

Deribit Platform Review

Deribit’s payout to affiliates is one of the best in space with pretty much only Binance’s program being more attractive. Meanwhile, their discount for invitees is pretty much in the middle of the pack. Many exchanges do a lot worse, and some have shorter time frames, but we can’t give a full five stars to any exchange that doesn’t offer an ongoing discount to invitees (especially since the refer does get this). The only other mark against Deribit is the exchange itself. It is a solid exchange with adoption and liquidity, and its range of products including options actually makes it a top choice for some needs, however, it isn’t the most liquid exchange for leverage. Lacking the liquidity of some rivals, especially when one rival is Binance, means Deribit is a good choice, but maybe not the first choice. Still, Deribit gets an overall 4.5 stars because what it gets right it gets really right, and one of the marks against it isn’t something that is fully in its control.

Pros Cons
  • Very attractive payouts for affiliates.
  • The ability to get paid and save money when trading crypto options is a big plus.
  • The time-based discount is lackluster.
  • Deribit lacks the liquidity of some of its competitors.
Program Rating

Platform Documentation

Platform Doc.

About Deribit

Deribit is a BTC-and-ETH-only derivatives platform for crypto that was launched in June 2016. They focus on futures and options, and are one of the better choices for options trading in the crypto space.

Deribit Liquidity

As noted above, one drawback to Deribit versus other exchanges is liquidity. While their liquidity for options is one of the best in the industry, the liquidity falls just short of the best-of-the-best of crypto for crypto. This doesn’t make the exchange unusable or even unsuitable for trading, but it is important to note that volume can be about 1/3rd of BitMEX (which itself falls behind FTX, Binance, and other top-tier competitors on an average day).

Deribit Fees

Deribit’s fee structure from their site is shown below. As you can see their fee structure is competitive, and of course, it becomes even more competitive with the discount. For a full list of Deribit’s fees, see their Deribit fee structure information page.

Deribit has a maker-taker fee model. This means that orders providing liquidity could have different fees versus orders that take liquidity. Fees vary per product and are calculated as a percentage of the underlying asset of the contract.
Maker and Taker Orders
Maker A “maker” order is an order that adds liquidity to the order book. A maker order is not executed instantly, rather it is placed in the order book.
Taker A “taker” order is an order that removes liquidity from the order book. A taker order is an order that is executed instantly against other orders upon submission to the exchange.
Contracts Maker Fee Taker Fee
BTC Weekly Futures -0.01% (rebate) 0.05%
BTC Futures/Perpetual 0.00% 0.05%
ETH Futures/Perpetual 0.00% 0.05%
BTC/ETH Options 0.03% of the underlying or 0.0003 BTC/ETH per options contract 0.03% of the underlying or 0.0003 BTC/ETH per options contract
Please note: Options fees can never be higher than 12.5% of the options price. For example, if an option is traded at 0.0001 BTC, the taker fee will be 0.0000125 BTC (instead of 0.0003 BTC), therefore 12.5% of 0.0001 BTC.
Delivery (Settlement at Expiry)
Futures and options deliveries are charged an additional fee. The weekly futures and daily options are exempt from delivery fees.
BTC Weekly Futures 0%
Futures 0.03%
Daily options 0%
Options 0.015% – this fee can never be higher than 12.5% of the option’s value.
Liquidation Fees
Liquidations are charged an additional fee. Fees are increased by a percentage of the underlying contract size. The additional fee of the liquidation is automatically added to the insurance fund.
BTC Perpetual & Futures 0.5%, (0.5% for maker orders and 0.45% for taker orders will be added to the insurance fund)
ETH Perpetual & Futures 0.9%, (0.9% for maker orders and 0.85% for taker orders will be added to the insurance fund)
Options 0.19% of the underlying asset or 0.0019 BTC per options contract, 0.16% of the underlying asset, or 0.0016 BTC per contract is added to the insurance fund.
Deposits and Withdrawals
Bitcoin deposits are credited after 1 confirmation on the network. We do not charge fees for deposits. Withdrawals are processed instantly if the balance in our hot wallet permits so. We keep only a small percentage of coins in hot storage, therefore there is a chance that your withdrawal cannot be processed immediately. If needed, once a day we will replenish the balance of the hot wallet from the cold storage.
Withdrawal Fees Depends on the current state of the Bitcoin network
Deposit Fees Free

Deribit Order Types

With futures, the main order types are market and limit. They also allow stop-loss orders, and conditionals that impact time in force, whether an order is hidden or not, and other factors.

With options, you get all the fields you need to trade options. Please note that Deribit options are European-style “cash-settled” options that are settled in BTC. Settlement happens automatically at the time of settlement. Please see the link below for details on options. See their Deribit Options info page.

Deribit Coin and Product Selection

Deribit has futures, both perpetual and not, and options. The product selection is good, especially when you consider the options trading, however, the coin selection is restricted only to BTC and ETH.

Deribit Platform and Program Summary

Deribit is easily one of the best if not the best options platform for crypto. It is also a solid choice for futures and leverage trading in general. Since you’ll like to use Deribit for options, you may as well also take advantage of the 10% discount. in that sense, Deribit is easy to recommend.

Common Questions and FAQs

Deribit has been a trusted exchange since it launched. Not only have they built a reputation of trust, but they also keep most of their holdings in cold storage, which reduces the chance of a hack impacting the exchange.

There is no way to increase commission at Deribit. There is only one standard affiliate program for all customers.

You must have enough BTC in your account to increase your leverage. For example, if you want to trade 10x on 1btc, you need .1btc in your account as collateral.

All options contracts automatically exercise at the date of expiry.

They are settled in Bitcoin at cash value.

The minimum bid size is .1btc or 1eth.

The swap service allows you to quickly trade between BTC and ETH so you don’t have to move off-platform to switch around your collateral types.

Yes, like BitMEX you can get a rebate for limit orders, although be aware this can be offset by funding.

No. Deribit does not allow US customers?

Deribit is one of if not the top options exchange for crypto.

There is no way to extend the Deribit discount.

Yes, Deribit is highly regulated, this is one reason they won’t allow US customers.

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