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Bithumb Referral Code | 10% Off (2024)

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Bithumb Global Referral Code

Use Bithumb referral code sju8at and earn up to 40%! Save 10% on Bithumb Global trading fees for life, then share your code for another 30% per user.

? Bithumb Global Referral Code sju8at
? Bithumb Global Discount 10% Off Trading Fees
? Bithumb Global Commission 30% Commission on Trading Fees
? Last Verified June 4, 2024

Bithumb Referral Code Details

Please note that the 10% discount on trading fees is the maximum Bithumb invitation bonus that can be offered. The only way to earn more is to share your own code. Sharing your own code will get you 30% commission per user. This can net you up to 40% in earnings (10% discount + 30% commission per user). This can be confirmed via Bithumb’s official referral program documentation.

Please note this discount applies to Bithumb global, for the Bithumb Korea referral code, see the information below.

Bithumb Korea Referral Code
You can also save at Bithumb.com (Bithumb Korea) if you want to access to original Korean exchange Bithumb Korea and not Bithumb Global.
Table of contents

Program Overview

How To Sign Up for Bithumb with the Bitcoin Invitation Code

Below is everything you need to know for how you can save money on Bithumb Global trading fees using our Bithumb sign-up bonus. This also applies to using anyone else’s Invitation code.

Time needed: 5 mins
ID required: Most Government issued ID will suffice

  1. Sign Up for Bithumb

Make your way over to Bithumb Pro with our referral invitation link. That will ensure you save on fees for life when you create your account.

  1. Fill In Your Information

Once you are on the registration web page, you will be asked to fill in the desired email you want associated with your account. After your email is submitted, you will get a verification code sent to your email. Use that code to fill in the “Verification Code” field. Then, lastly, decided on a password, read the Bithumb Global Agreement, and click “Create Account”.

  1. Get Started Trading

After that is complete, you will have your newly open Bithumb Global account ready for you to transfer Crypto to! Happy trading.

Bithumb Global Referral Program Overview

Bithumb Global’s referral program works like this:

You earn a 30% commission on trading fees per referral for 90 days after someone signs up using your code.

You also get 10% of indirect referrals, so if someone you refer refers someone else, you get 10% of those fees.

Bithumb Global’s Commission Structure

Bithumb Global’s commission structure is a lot more simple and straightforward than the competition. The commission is a flat 30% kickback on all fees spent by a person you refer and a flat 10% per person they sign up. There is no way to increase commission beyond that.

How long until I cant use a Bithumb Invitation code?
If someone forgets to use your code when they sign up for Bithumb, they still have 72 hours from when they sign up to enter your code after they register.

Bithumb Global Referral Program Rules

The most important rules are that only people who live in approved regions can join, and If your invitee violates the relevant risk control rules of the referral commission, their commission fee will not be returned to you.

Bithumb Invitation & Referral Program Review

The Bithumb Global referral program is almost perfect. It is simple, and it is generous to both the referrer and the referee. That is a large part of what we look for in a referral program. Even better, Bithumb is a high-quality and liquid exchange that is attractive to use even without a promotional code.

Lastly, and this is the icing on the cake in many ways, unlike the competition, you don’t have to hold an absurd amount of their tokens to get the full commission or savings! With that said, we have a few gripes. One gripe is that commission-only lasts 90 days from when someone signs up. Another gripe is that there is no way to increase commissions. Other exchanges reward referrers who perform well or hold a certain amount of a coin. While this can easily be a gripe of its own, the ability to increase commissions and savings for users by performing well is always attractive. Negatives aside, it is easy to give Bithumb high ratings on most fronts.

Pros Cons
  • Competitive savings
  • Generous earnings
  • Commission only lasts 90 days
  • No way to boost earnings
Program Rating

Platform Documentation

Platform Doc.

About Bithumb Global

Bithumb is a longstanding popular South Korean Bitcoin exchange. In many ways, Bithumb is THE crypto exchange of South Korea, and Bithumb Global is the global version of this exchange. Bithumb Global shares liquidity with Bithumb, helping to bolster Bithumb overall and helping to ensure Bithumb stays competitive and becomes a global brand.

Bithumb Global Liquidity

Bithumb Global’s Volume is a bit lackluster compared to other exchanges. However, Bithumb’s liquidity is respectable for top coins and for coins that are common between Bithumb and Bithumb Global due to Bithumb Global’s higher volume in general. Bithumb Global has trust and selection, but they don’t have the liquidity you’ll find with some competitors.

Bithumb Global Order Types

Bithumb doesn’t have the order type selection of some competitors, but it has the core order types needed to trade. Specifically, Bithumb has Market Orders and Limit Orders.

Bithumb Global Fees

Bithumb’s basic fee schedule is this:

Deposits: free
Withdrawals: Varies by coin (for example, 0.001 BTC for BTC)
Maker: 0.10%
Taker: 0.10%

Bithumb Global Product Selection

Bithumb Global’s product selection includes:

  • More than 200 trading pairs, and more than 130 tokens to trade, including the mainstream tokens like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), USDT etc.
  • Spot trading, Margin Trading, and Smart Tokens.
  • 8 fiat currency gateways and 35 fiat currency deposits to meet the needs of users in different countries and regions.

Bithumb Summary

Bithumb Global offers a rock-solid referral program and a rock-solid platform. The simple nature of the program is something we really love. The only real complaints are commission only lasting 90 days and a few limits like lack of order types. It would also be nice to see a further reduction of fees via a trading token offer like Binance has, but on that same note, not having the complexity is welcome. Overall the generous program and quality exchange makes the total package attractive. We highly recommend this one.

Common Questions and FAQs

With the Bithumb Global referral program, you get paid in the token that was traded.

Bithumb has an app, which means you can trade on the go.

Referral commission is calculated the next day and is then distributed at 10:00 (UTC+8) the following day.

Referral commissions are paid in the token that was traded. You’ll be paid directly to the corresponding wallet.

You only get Bithumb commissions for the first 90 days after a person signs up.

Bithumb trading fee savings last for life, although the program is subject to change by Bithumb.

Bithumb Global referral savings on trading fees apply to all contract types, margin trading included.

The referral section is right on the home page next to fiat and BG mining.

Click on the referral section and then on the referral page you can see your invite code and your referral commission.

Bithumb does have KYC/AML requirements.

Smart Token is a token whose yield rate is pegged to an underlying asset like BTC or ETH.

Yes, like with Margin trading commissions and savings apply to Smart Tokens on Bithumb Global as well.

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