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EARN Crypto ➡ Daily Interest Payout + No Lockup = Binance Savings 2023

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Binance Savings Explained

Binance Savings is a product that lets you earn interest on your cryptocurrency. Earn yields on over 120 coins with no lockup. Or lockup your coins to boost your yields even further.

Binance offers both Flexible Savings and Locked Savings, meaning you can choose whether you have a lockup period or not. Of these two choices, Locked Savings tend to provide the best return, but as a trade-off, once you subscribe, you won’t be able to access your funds until the subscription period is over.

Binance also offers a third Savings method called “Activities”. Binance’s Activities are limited time, limited supply, high demand, and high yield locked savings opportunities. Unlike regular Locked Savings, which are offered on an ongoing basis, Activities require you to quickly subscribe when an opportunity arises due to their supply typically being capped! Otherwise, such Activities work pretty much the same way Locked Savings do.

Below, we will discuss each Binance Savings method in detail to help you understand its use case and then go over some other important information related to Binance Savings. For more ways to earn interest on Binance, see our .

Binance Savings

Binance Flexible Savings

Binance Flexible Savings offers an opportunity to earn interest, paid daily, on over 120 crypto assets.

While Flexible Savings returns are much lower than Locked Savings and many other Earn options, Flexible Savings has some very notable benefits and is likely a product you’ll use every day once you understand its potential.

  • First off, Flexible Savings products include some big-name coins that you are likely to hold anyway, like BTC, BUSD, and USDT.
  • Second, Flexible savings funds can be subscribed to and redeemed at any time instantly, which means that you always have access to your funds when you need them.
  • Lastly, interest is paid daily with Flexible Savings. So you will get to compound your gains on a daily basis!

To make sure your interest is compounding, turn on “Auto-Transfer” in your Earn wallet. Turning on Auto-transfer will move the corresponding asset (including your interest and new token purchase) in your spot wallet to your Earn wallet every 24 hours. You can find the auto-transfer history by going here:

  1. Earn History
  2. Savings
  3. Flexible

While it is hard to argue that your long-term holds are better off in a Flexible product than a Locked Savings product or other Earn options, your short-term liquid capital can really benefit from the flexibility.

Furthermore, you won’t always have a Locked Savings or other Earn option for a given cryptocurrency, so Flexible savings will be a good backup, especially in those cases.

Binance Savings: Flexible Savings Subscribe Screen

Consider Leaving Auto-transfer On?
Whether you are a swing trader or investor, you might want to consider leaving auto-transfer on for all coins. This will ensure you are always earning interest on your Binance assets. Just don’t forget to redeem them or toggle off the feature as needed when it comes time to place your market or limit orders!

Binance Locked Savings

Binance Locked Savings products offer a high return for a lockup period of 7, 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the product. They also provide a “one-click” option to switch to Flexible Savings after the lockup period.

Binance Locked Savings products notably offer much higher Annualized Intrest Rates (APR) than Fixed Savings. However, unlike Flexible Savings, you will have to lock up your crypto to get those high yields.

Consider, at the time of writing this BTC Locked Savings is 7% for a 90-day lockup, while Flexible Savings is 0.5% with no lockup. Meanwhile, BUSD is 4.5% for a 7 day lockup, and BUSD is 0.8% with no lockup.

In both cases, Locked Savings offers much higher rates!

In other words, in terms of raw interest rates, Locked Savings is a no-brainer. However, if you are trading or need more immediate access to your capital for any reason, or if a Locked Savings product is currently sold out, then looking at the Flexible Savings options or other Earn options makes sense.

On that note, when you see a subscription option for a coin you are holding, don’t forget to take advantage of the lockup quickly. Since Locked Savings products can sell out, it can make sense to lock your funds for the maximum number of days when you have the chance, especially if you plan on holding that coin anyway!

Binance Savings: Locked Savings Subscribe Screen

Binance Activities

Binance Activities are special products offered by Binance’s token partners that are similar to Locked Savings.

Binance Activities tend to be some of the highest yields of all the Earn products on Binance. This is especially true for single-asset Earn products (as dual-asset Earn products like tend to have the best yields).

The main drawbacks of Activities Savings products are that they are infrequently offered and are limited supply and high demand. Plus, they are often offered on tokens you might not be holding anyway.

Still, if you happen to hold one of these coins or want to buy it for the Savings opportunity, the yields tend to be unbeatable.

For example, at the time of writing this, a 182.50% Annualized Interest Rate offered for FRONT for a 30-day subscription period had just recently ended. Unsurprisingly that product was almost fully subscribed to when it was offered.

In short, make sure to keep your eye out for special Activities to take advantage of the impressive rates! Then, of course, if you do find one, make sure to act quickly!

Binance Savings: Activities

How to Use Binance Savings

In this section we will explain How to Use Binance Savings to start earning a passive income from your crypto.

First, to access Binance Savings you’ll need a Binance account and some crypto assets. So if you don’t have a Binance account already already, use our Binance referral code SRC2N1F2 to get a 20% discount on trading fees for life (see our for more on how to save on Binance).

After your account is created, follow the directions below to get started with Binance Savings.

To access Binance Savings:

  1. Log in to your Binance account.
  2. Click “Finance” and select “Binance Earn” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down to “Savings” and click “View More”. You can also simply access it via this link: https://www.binance.com/en/savings.
  4. Subscribe to any available Savings products by clicking the “Subscribe” button and choosing the duration and amount.

Remember though, if the product you have chosen has a duration, you’ll need to wait until the redemption date to gain access to your funds. Otherwise, you’ll simply need to redeem your funds back to your spot wallet when you are ready to trade with them again.

Binance Savings Tips and Tricks

Knowing how to use Binance Savings is important, but to maximize your returns it’ll help to know a few tips and tricks.

Below are some of the most important things to know when it comes to getting the most out of your savings products:

  • Locked Savings, including Activities Products, require you to lock up your funds for the subscription duration.
  • Flexible Savings interest rates can change. Locked Savings and Activities rates are locked in for the duration of the subscription.
  • The Binance savings products you have subscribed to can be viewed and managed in your Earn wallet. To find your Earn wallet, choose the “wallet” drop-down at the top of the screen and select “Earn”.
  • When you redeem, your funds will go back to your spot wallet, and when you subscribe, they will be removed from your spot wallet. So make sure to redeem before you try to do any trading.
  • You can automatically switch from Locked Savings to Flexible Savings after a subscription period by toggling the button next to the words “Automatically renew with Flexible Savings” when you subscribe to a Locked Savings product.

Binance Earn Wallet

Binance Savings Terminology

Below are some of the most important terms to know for Binance Savings products:

Activity Duration: The duration of the lockup period of the product in days.

Annualized Interest Rate: The percentage yield you would make if you were subscribed for exactly one year.

Auto-subscription: Turning on Auto-subscription will automatically switch you from a Locked Savings to a Fixed Savings product when the duration of the Locaked Savings product ends.

Auto-Transfer: Transfers a given asset in your spot wallet to your Earn wallet every 24 hours.

Coin: the crypto asset you are subscribing to.

Estimated Annual Yield: The estimated percentage yield you would make if the current interest rates remained unchanged.

Flexible Interest Per Thousand: The amount of a coin you would earn over a day if you invested a thousand units.

Lot Amount: The amount of an asset you are subscribing with.

Lot Size: The total lot amount.

Individual Max: the maximum lot amount per user.

Interest Per Lot: The amount of interest you’ll earn per lot over the duration of the subscription.

Redemption Date: The date at which a subscription ends and the subscribed funds plus the interest earned can be redeemed. Redemption options include Fast redemption, which allows redemption up to a capped amount immediately, and Standard redemption, in which your funds are returned the next day (you still get interest for the extra time, and there is no cap). Please note the capped amount is very large and will only impact very large accounts.

Status: The amount of time remaining to transfer funds to an Activities product.

Subscription progress: A measure of how much room there is left in an Activities product.

Value date: the date when your asset start to calculate interest

Yesterday’s Flexible APY & Trend: The Estimated Annual Yield from the previous day and the trend of that yield. Flexible Savings products yields can change over time.


Binance Savings is, in many ways, the core bread and butter interest-bearing product for Binance. While we are big fans of other Earn products and think each has its place in your interest-bearing strategy, Binance Savings is by far the simplest and most accessible.

Many Earn products have additional risks and considerations that require thought and planning, while Savings products, especially those with no lockup, offer very little potential downside.

As an investor, it is hard not to be happy with the Locked Savings products, and as a trader or investor, there is little excuse for not toggling on the auto-transfer option for your coins and ensuring your crypto assets remain productive while you hold them.

For this reason, we would strongly urge any Binance user to take the time to browse their Savings options and start incorporating them into their everyday crypto strategy.

At the end of the day, it is hard to argue against earning interest on coins that are sitting in your wallet anyway, and Savings products offer the simplest method for this.

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